We are Hiking for Education and doing the 3 Peaks Yorkshire Challenge to raise funds for charities whose aim is to help children in need in under or non-developed countries

Education is a fundamental right, according to the Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but unfortunately not everyone has access to this

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The African Children's Educational Trust (A-CET) is an award winning independent charity, is run with passion by dedicated experienced professional unpaid volunteers in the UK and working through effective Ethiopian local partners in the educational support sector.


A-CET provides long-term modest scholarships for up to 15 years to needy youngsters, orphans, the abandoned and/or disabled and upgrades, builds and furnishes rural elementary schools bringing free access to better quality education closer to thousands of vulnerable farming youngsters.


A-CET is helping to educate the youngsters so that they can develop Ethiopia.


A Partner in Education (APIE) works in partnership with schools, governments and NGOs to develop, implement and share educational best practice in Rwanda from the base of our pilot project and teaching and learning hub - Umubano Primary School.


Their mission is to facilitate the delivery of sustainable, locally led programmes of teacher training to share what we have learned, accelerating

progress towards this future.


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