We are Lois, Elena and Andres, and we are The Hiking Family (very imaginative, yes, we know)

We have lived in a few places  since we are together, and we spent a few years in the UK. During weekends we used to go on country walks and hikes, and as our family grew we naturally add Elena to our adventures

We bought a baby carrier and decided to hike Mount Snowdon through the Llanberris path with no training whatsoever

Months later we thought on doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

And we are Hiking with a Baby!


Lois is the home-maker, the heartbeat of the family and unconsciously (and very consciously)  responsible of a keeping Andres´feet on the ground, supporting him on his endeavours and leading the family together


She used to do the 3 Peaks, she will be fine!

Elena is the joy of the family. Normally tries to hide from the paparazzi - which is almost impossible, as you can see.

She is a pro-hiker. She climbed Mount Snowdon being only 6 months old!

Andres is the proudest husband and father, lucky and happy of having such a cool family.

In the picture, he is in the Summit of Mount Snowdon with Elena hiding from the Welsh paparazzi!

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